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15 tips for 100% security in the crypto world

1 Do not use centralized exchanges. 

When storing your crypto assets on the exchange, you transfer all your funds to the regulator, in fact, this money is no longer yours. But you have to return them on demand. Why are centralized exchanges unsafe? It is easy to hack your accounts there, or very often such exchanges become bankrupt. 

2 Store your crypto assets on cold wallets.  

If you have a crypto portfolio that you have made for a long-term period, then it makes sense to use cold wallets such as trezor.

A cold wallet is a physical device that creates private and public keys using random number generation. 

3 Using new mail.

To register on decentralized exchanges, I recommend using an email that you have not used anywhere before.

4 Do not use one password at all. 

Come up with complex different passwords for different sites. It is desirable that the password contains numbers, capital and small letters, symbols. 

5 Two-step authentication. 

This is a confirmation login on some other device. Alternatively, you will receive a confirmation code by phone number and email at each login. Yes, it's stressful, but safety is more important!

6 Be careful when connecting a wireless network in public places. 

It is better not to use wi-fi networks in public places: cafes, coworking, etc.

It is better not to drive passwords if there are cameras in the room.

7 Do not go to suspicious sites, phishing and suspicious advertising. 

8 Do not download files from unknown, unreliable sources.

9 Revoke.

10 Use verified wallets.

My advice: it is better to use Metamask than Trust wallet, since it is a centralized wallet.

11 Do not follow the links from the letters that come to the mail.

Carefully review the email and the link before opening it. It could be a scam.

12 Seed phrase.

Do not forward the seed phrase, do not save screenshots with it, do not write it down in notes on the phone, etc. It is better to rewrite it manually. 

14 Use a separate gadget to work only with cryptocurrency.

14 Disable your geolocation.

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