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Office 2022

Microsoft developers have published a message in the official blog announcing new versions of Exchange Server, SharePoint Server and some other products that will be available in 2021 only by subscription. At the same time, in the same message it was mentioned that next year Microsoft plans to release a version of the Office suite of applications for Windows and Mac platforms, for which you do not need to subscribe.

"In the second half of 2021, a version of Microsoft Office with indefinite maintenance will be released for both Windows and Mac," the developers said in a statement. This is good news for office suite users who don't like the option of interacting with Office through a subscription. Thus, Microsoft still does not intend to completely abandon the support of the office software distribution scheme through a one-time payment.

In recent years, the Microsoft 365 product has been positioned as the main way to access office applications included in the Office suite. The company considered that a monthly subscription is a more acceptable option compared to a one-time purchase. And although if you have a Microsoft account, you can get access to some applications in the cloud for free, you will not be able to install them on your computer without a subscription.    

As for the products that are currently relevant, Office 2019 can be used without a subscription. However, after the release of this package, there were rumors that in the future Microsoft would provide access to its office programs only by subscription. Now we can say that this will not happen, at least in the near future.

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