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Activate office 2019 by phone

In this article, we will consider a situation when, when activating Microsoft Office 2019 over the Internet, an activation error appears as in the screenshot below, in this case, according to the advice from the second paragraph from the description of this error, it is necessary to activate the Office application by phone. Activation will take place with a robot (answering machine), you will only need to type numbers on the phone keyboard.

1) Install Office 2019 on your computer (if you haven't installed it yet), you can download Microsoft Office 2019 from this link, then launch any of its applications, for example Exel. We enter the product key you bought there, if you don't have it, you can purchase it in our catalog on the next page.

2) After selecting the item "I want to activate the software by telephone" and click next.

3) In the next window in "Step 1" in the drop-down menu, select the country of your location, in our example it will be "United Kingdom". Next, you will have a phone number to call the robot (answering machine) Microsoft. As a rule, most countries have a number with a free call at the expense of Microsoft.

- When calling, press 1, we agree with the recording of the conversation, then press 3 - Office activation, then press 1 and enter the numbers to robot (from step 2 in the screenshot below).

Attention! You need to enter your installation ID, which exactly you have in the activation window program by phone, in our screenshot below is an example.

After entering the numbers to the robot, the robot will ask you on how many computers the key has already been installed, you need to answer "zero".

- Next, we are waiting for the response numbers from the robot, which will need to be entered in the input fields from A to H and activate Microsoft Office.

In addition, you can activate yourself in text mode without a call using our online service GET CID - Microsoft Self-Service Support, on the next page.

If everything was successful, then after clicking on the "Next" button, the activation wizard will display a window about successful activation!

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