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Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server 2012, formerly codenamed Denali, has received a new edition of Business Intelligence and ..
SQL Server 2016 delivers advanced features for mission-critical workloads through in-memory operatio..
SQL Server 2017 is an important step towards creating a universal SQL Server platform that allows yo..
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SQL Server 2019 Standard - The latest SQL Server 2019 Standard application provides a new level of s..
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Microsoft SQL Server is licensed database management software created by Microsoft. SQL Server is used by many organizations around the world to process and store data, as well as to support applications and develop business intelligence.

This category includes various versions and editions of SQL Server, including SQL Server Standard, SQL Server Enterprise, SQL Server Express, and others. Each version has its own set of features and capabilities that can meet different user needs.

Buying Microsoft SQL Server from the online store offers a number of benefits, including end-user licensing, compatibility with other Microsoft software products, secure and reliable database access, and support for a variety of deployment models.

All products in this category are sold as electronic licenses, making the purchase process quick and convenient for customers. If you have questions or difficulties, our specialists are always ready to help with the installation and configuration of the software.

Purchasing Microsoft SQL Server from the online store will allow your company to manage large amounts of data more efficiently and securely, which will ultimately lead to increased productivity and business success.