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Windows 7

This edition of the well-known operating system is intended for home users. Windows 7 Home Basic is ..
If the basic features of the home version of the OS are not enough, you should use the advanced func..
Windows 7 Professional
  • 1-5 PC
This version of the well-known operating system is designed to solve complex problems. It is designe..
The name of this version of the popular OS warns about advanced functionality. Windows 7 Ultimate/Ma..
A special version of the popular operating system has been created for the successful solution of co..
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One of the most common and popular version of the operating system. It replaced the legendary XP version back in 2009. It retains the classic management and work tools, but at the same time, the design has become much more attractive.

Why you should buy Windows 7

The main emphasis of the developer was placed towards optimizing the system. Now it is much easier to connect peripheral devices, for this you do not need to install the driver separately - the computer will do it for you. In addition, the "seven" is supported by Direct X 11, which will please fans of video games. Now the user can run modern toys at maximum settings. Windows Media Player 12 is also installed in the operating system, which greatly simplifies the work with multimedia.

Major editions of Windows 7

  • Home Basic - basic home version for a personal computer;
  • Home Premium - another version for home use, but already an improved version, in which some options appeared, for example, a desktop manager;
  • Professional is a professional version suitable for both home and business. Differs in the increased functionality for information protection. It provides improved protection against hacker attacks;
  • Enterprise is the best choice for medium and large business owners. The maximum set of options for data protection. Here you will find technologies such as DirectAccess, MS Applocker;
  • Ultimate - Windows 7 Ultimate is also a corporate version, has functionality similar to Enterprise, but received a different distribution method.