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Windows 8.1 Enterprise is designed for large enterprises and has a full set of options that will hel..
When there is a need to purchase a full-fledged and multifunctional operating system, it is worth co..
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Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry is a family of operating programs that are designed for industrial app..
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There are many new features and changes in Windows 8.1, mainly a redesigned interface, networking capabilities, and improved security.

Interface changes

  • The first thing you'll notice about Windows 8 is that it's completely different from its predecessors. The brand new interface includes new features such as Start Screen, Live Tiles, Hot Corners.
  • Home Screen: The main screen where you will be working. It displays all your applications in the form of tiles. The screen can be customized, change the color scheme, choose a background image, rearrange the tiles, etc.
  • Live tiles: The screen uses live tiles, with brief information about the application. For example, the Weather app displays the current weather on its tile, and you can click on it to see detailed information.
  • Hot Corners: Move around Windows using hot corners. Just move the mouse cursor to the corner of the screen and a tile panel will open where you can switch between applications.
  • Charms Bar: This is a bar that pops up when you hover your mouse over the top or bottom right corners of the screen. This panel provides quick access to search, sharing, start screen, devices, and settings.

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