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Activating Windows 10

The constantly pop-up window "Windows Activation" or your Windows license expires (expired)" indicates that Windows 10 is not activated. Let's consider how to remove it and what to do.

Windows 10 activation is the process of entering an activation key (activation code or product code) for the full operation of all Windows 10 functions without restrictions and without pop-up activation notifications.

The activation key or code is a twenty-five digit set of characters (letters and numbers) divided into 5 groups of 5 characters. The code can be located:

On the sticker on the system unit or laptop (usually glued to the device case so as not to lose the key), see how it looks

On the box purchased in the store. See how the box and key look like

In the BIOS. The code is sewn into the computer or laptop software, as evidenced only by the Windows 10 logo on the case. Type of sticker


The way to activate Windows 10 is to enter a key.

Advantages of activating Windows 10 with a key

When activated in this way, you will permanently close this issue and will not face problems with Windows 10 activation.

In case of problems with activation by the methods listed below, Microsoft support will be able to help you. During business hours, call the toll-free number 8 800 200 8001


OEM key is a key supplied with a new computer or laptop or purchased separately. (considered the best way, but has a number of limitations)

Boxed version - purchased in the store in the form of a box with the Windows 10 distribution.

Electronic activation key - you can buy it in the store.

For corporate clients (organizations)

Keys transmitted on paper with legal documents confirming the purchase of a license. 


Consider the activation process with a license key. Legal activation can take place both via the Internet (the simplest) and by phone if there is no Internet.

To activate Windows 10 in the standard way (with the Internet connected), you need to enter it in the activation field and click Activate.

This is done in the following way: click Start - Settings - Update and Security - Activation. Next, enter the activation code (25 characters without spaces) in the field and click Activate. If the entered key is correct, then Windows is activated. Otherwise, if the activation key is incorrect, the system will display a message that you have entered an incorrect product key, try again. In this case, check that the code is entered correctly and try again. If you enter correctly and the system does not accept the key, the key may not be suitable for this version of Windows 10. Section - errors when activating Windows 10


This option of activating Windows 10 should be used if the Internet is not connected to your device.

To activate Windows 10 by phone, do the following:

Make sure that you have administrator rights on the computer.

Then press the Win+R keyboard shortcut and in the window that appears (bottom left) type "slmgr.vbs /upk" without quotes, then "slmgr -ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" (without quotes, where "X" is the key itself). After that, a window will appear that the activation key you entered has been successfully installed. Then type "slui 4" in the same place (without quotes) and press Enter. A window opens in which you need to select a country.

Entering commands to delete and enter a new Windows 10 key

Then the installation code will be generated and 2 numbers will be offered to call. Call one of the numbers and follow the prompts of the auto-informator. You need to select (by pressing the numbers) the activation of Windows 10 and dictate the installation code in blocks from the first to the ninth. 

Sending the Windows 10 installation code to the autoinformator

Then the autoinformator will prompt you to enter a confirmation code and dictate it also in blocks with A-H. Enter the code carefully, the autoinformator repeats it twice.

If you think that you made a mistake when entering the activation code, then after entering block H, the auto-informator will prompt you to dictate it again. 

Entering a confirmation code to Activate Windows 10

After entering the installation code correctly, click Activate Windows. After that, you should see a message that Windows is activated.


When activated by phone, you may be informed that your installation code does not match the system you installed. This means that you may have installed the wrong operating system release. For example, the product code you have from the Windows 10 Home version (home) and you have installed Windows 10 Pro (Professional). In this case, you will not be able to activate Windows 10 until Windows is installed corresponding to the product code (key), namely the Home version.

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