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Windows Security in Windows 11 does not open or does not work

Windows Security, commonly known as Windows Defender, is the default virus protection and security solution available in Windows 11. This is one of the best solutions, and it works well in most situations. However, one of the common problems reported is that after updating or randomly Windows Security does not open and does not work properly. When this user tries to launch the application, nothing happens. This post discusses various solutions that can help you solve the problem.

Windows Security doesn't work in Windows

Windows Security in Windows 11 does not open or does not work

Here is a list of solutions that you can try to make Windows Security work again in Windows 11

Reinstall using the PowerShell command

Reset the Windows Security application

Use SFC and DISM

Disable or remove third-party security software

Cloud reset or reset this PC

To solve the problem, you will need an administrator account.

1. Reinstall using the PowerShell command.

The problem is not new, and Windows 10 users have also reported it when updating with a feature update. The solution is relatively simple.

Open a Windows Terminal and make sure it opens in PowerShell mode. Then run the following commands

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Get-AppxPackage -allusers | For each {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$ ($ _. installLocation) AppXManifest.xml "}

This will ensure that development mode is disabled for any of the applications. Now, if you run Windows Security, it will work properly.

2. Reset the Windows Security application

Reset the Windows Security application

Open "Settings" (Win + I) and go to "Applications" > "Applications and Functions".

Find Windows Security in the application list search box.

Click the three-dot vertical menu and open Advanced Options.

Find the "Reset" section and click the "Reset" button.

After that, open Windows Security and it should work properly.

3. Use SFC and DISM

The System File Checker and DISM commands can help replace corrupted files with new ones so that applications such as Windows Security or any reliable file can be used properly.

Open a Windows Terminal and run the SFC command first, and then the DISM command. Be sure to check whether Windows Security opens after each command completes successfully.

sfc / scannow Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth

If these tools detect corrupted files, they will replace them with healthy files.

4. Disable or remove third-party security software

If you use security software, it can interfere with and degrade Windows security. While Windows Security works with other software, but there is still an opportunity.

5. Cloud reset or reset this PC

Cloud reinstallation option

If nothing works, then the problem was caused by the update, and the only way out is to restart the computer using the cloud reset method or the local reset method of this PC. Although the first method takes longer, it gives you the latest version of Windows compared to the local method, which will be reset to the latest downloaded version or the one offered by the OEM.


Why can't I turn on Windows Defender?

There may be many reasons why you can't turn on Windows Defender. The list includes the presence of other security software, incorrectly configured date and time, no Windows update, group policy, and a broken service. Follow the linked guide to solve the problem.

Is Windows Security the same as Windows Defender?

yes. Previously released Microsoft Security Essentials, then Windows Defender in Windows 7, turned into Windows Security in Windows 10, and now in Windows 11. It is now available as a standalone application that serves as a security and antivirus solution for Windows. It is available as a default application so that you have something to protect your computer when installing Windows. If you like other security software, you can install it and Windows Security will disable the antivirus or anything related to what is offered by the one you prefer.

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