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How to set up Windows Update

After switching to Windows 10, many users have problems finding some functions or settings that were previously in the "Control Panel". The fact is that in Windows 10, more and more components of the "Control Panel" are moving to the new "Options" menu.

So it happened with the "Update Center", now it can be opened only through the "Parameters". In this article we will tell you where the "Update Center" is located in Windows 10, how to open it and what settings are available there.

Where is the "Update Center" located

To open the Options menu, open the Start menu and click on the button with the gear icon. You can also launch "Parameters" using the Win-i keyboard shortcut.

menu Options in the Start menu

In the "Settings" window, you need to open the "Update and Security" section.

Update and Security section

And go to the "Windows Update Center".

Windows Update Center

This window is the new "Windows Update Center". Here you can check for updates, suspend work, change the period of activity, view the log or change other Windows 10 settings.

How to quickly open the "Update Center"

There are also faster ways to launch the Windows Update Center. For example, you can open the Start menu, type the word "updates" in the search and select "Check for updates".

Check for updates in the Start menu

Alternatively, you can press the Win-R key combination and run the command "ms-settings:windowsupdate" in the window that opens.

ms-settings:windowsupdate command

This will also open a new "Windows Update Center" in the Options menu.

Setting up the "Update Center"

There are much fewer settings available to the user in the Windows 10 Update Center than in Windows 7. You cannot completely disable updates here, but you can configure them so that they do not interfere with work.

At the top of the window there are 4 large buttons that provide access to most settings:

Suspend the update for 7 days – stop for 7 days. You can press 5 times and suspend work immediately for 5 weeks.

Change the activity period – select the time of day during which the update center will work.

Viewing the update log – a list of installed updates and a link to uninstall via "Programs and Components".

Additional parameters – a list of additional settings.

access to most settings

There are a few more options in the "Advanced Options". The most important of them is the option "Restart this device as soon as possible", which initiates an immediate restart of the computer after installing updates.

Restart this device as soon as possible

It is recommended to disable this option, otherwise a reboot may interrupt your work.

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