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How to disable Windows Defender 11 and is it worth leaving the PC without protection

How to disable Windows Defender 11? Take advantage of the built-in features and make changes to the registry, use the Defender Control program or the Win Updates Disable utility. For a third-party antivirus, use the individual interface of the program. Below we will consider in detail all the methods of enabling embedded / additional security software permanently or for a certain time, as well as we will deal with the risk of performing such a step.

How to disable protection permanently and temporarily

Immediately after installing the operating system, the user receives a full package of services, including built-in protection from Microsoft, as in the case of the "ten". Some users do not have enough available defender, and they install third-party software. In both cases, the question may arise how to disable antivirus on Windows 11 forever or for some time. It is not difficult to do this if you know a number of features and follow the instructions below.

Built-in defender

In most cases, users are not satisfied with the already built-in antivirus software, and they want to install a third-party application. In this case, the question arises how to disable Windows Defender 11 forever. There are three ways to do this — through settings, through a special program or utility. Let's consider each of the options in more detail.


To begin with, let's figure out how to disable Windows Microsoft Defender in Windows 11 without installing additional software. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

Enter the "Start" menu, and then "Options".

Click on the item "Privacy and security".

Go to the "Windows Security" section.

Click "Virus and Threat Protection".

Log in to "Manage Settings".

Turn off the "Anti-counterfeiting" option.

Log in to Start and "Run".

Enter gpedit.msc and "OK".

Go to "Computer Configuration", and then "Administrative Templates" and "Windows Components". Find "Microsoft Defender Antivirus Program".

To disable the security of Windows 11, click on the item "Turn off the antivirus program ..." with the right mouse button. Select "Edit".

Check the box "Enabled", and then click "Apply".

Close the window using the "OK" button.

Double-click on the item "Allow permanent operation of the security service ...".

Specify the "Disabled" option and save the edits.

Select "Real—time protection" and click PCM, and then click "Turn off protection in ...", and then - "Change".

Set the "Enabled" parameter, click "Apply" and "OK".

If you need to completely disable Windows Defender 11 forever, you need to prevent the start of some services. To do this, go to "Start", and in the "Search" section, enter "Task Scheduler". After that, go to the "Task Scheduler Library" and "Windows 11". Find "Windows Defender" in the list and turn off the following options in turn:

Cache Maintenance;


Scheduled Scan;


As you can see, disabling Windows Defender 11 completely is not the easiest task. At the end of all the steps discussed above, click on Win +R and enter gpupdate /force in the command line, and then "Enter". In the next step, restart the PC/laptop. At the same time, make sure that you managed to turn off Windows 11 protection. It does not run with the OS and it should not be in the processes either.

Defender Control

If the above method seems complicated, or something does not work, you can use the program to disable Windows Defender 11. We are talking about the portable utility Defender Control, which can turn on / off the system antivirus. The advantage is that you do not need to restart the PC to perform such a step.

To disable Windows Defender, do the following:

Download the program from the link and install it.

Launch the application.

Click on the Disable Windows Defender button.

Make sure that the work is done correctly, thanks to the appropriate designation.

To disable the Defender in Windows 11, you must first add the program to the defender exceptions (it can "intercept" the software before installation). To do this, go to "Windows Security", and then to "Protection against viruses and threats" and go to "Protection Log". Here, allow the use of Defender Control and restore it from quarantine. Only after that you can disable the built-in antivirus.

Win Updated Disable

If there is a question of how to turn off Windows Defender 11, you can use another program — Win Updated Disable. Unlike the option discussed above, a reboot is required to turn on/ off, so this option is often used as a backup.

To deactivate the firmware, download the software from the link (regular or portable version), run the software and put the necessary marks in the "Disable" section. Next, apply the changes and restart the PC/laptop. If Windows Defender intercepted the program after installation, it is necessary to get it out of quarantine and allow it according to the scheme discussed above.

How to turn it off for a while

The methods discussed above allow you to deactivate the Defender completely. But what to do if you need to disable Windows Defender 11 temporarily to perform some specific work, for example, installing an application. In this case, it is better to use the programs discussed above. With their help, you can quickly turn on / off the built-in software, and in the case of Defender Control, even without restarting.


Sometimes the question arises how to disable the enhanced protection of Windows 11, which implies the installation of additional antiviruses. In this case, the on/off process is carried out taking into account the type of installed software. For example, for Avast, do the following steps:

Find the program icon at the bottom right.

Right-click on it.

Hover over "Manage Avast Screens".

Select the appropriate section.

In the list that appears, you can turn off the antivirus on Windows 11 for 10 minutes, for 1 hour, before restarting or forever. A similar principle should be followed if other antivirus software is installed on your computer. The plus is that you can quickly disable the software for a while or completely.

Is it worth disabling

The computer must have a program in the form of a built-in Defender or additional software. Previously, Windows Defender did not show very good results, but in the 10th and 11th versions it is very effective. Its features include the ability to isolate potentially dangerous programs even before they are installed on a PC/ laptop. If you are not satisfied with the built-in functions, you can install any third-party software. It can work in parallel with existing software or separately.

Now you know how to disable Windows Defender 11 temporarily or completely, and how the work is done for third-party software. In the comments, tell us which of the options suited you, and how else you can deactivate the built-in / additional antivirus software.

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