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How to return the classic start in Windows 10

If you are used to the appearance of the Start menu or the old look of the Start button on Windows 7 or Windows Vista, then you will probably want to return a similar appearance on Windows 10. There are several ways you can do this. The first method does not require you to install additional software. You can simply customize the appearance of the Start menu on Windows 10. But this will not lead to a 100% return to the classic version of the menu. The second option will require you to install additional software. This option is somewhat more complicated, but it will allow you to 100% return to the previous version of the Start menu, as well as return to the familiar appearance of the Start button.

How to return the classic look of the Start button and menu on Windows 10

Microsoft has taken into account the errors of Windows 8, so Windows 10 has a button and a Start menu by default. But the appearance of the button and menu is different. If you want to return to your usual appearance, then choose one of two ways:

Use standard Windows 10 features;

Install additional software;

Each option has its own advantages. There are users who do not like to install third-party programs. Especially in order to change something in the operating system. These users will appreciate the method that does not require the installation of programs. But this method is not ideal, since it will only bring the appearance of the Launch closer to the classic one, but will not return it 100% to its previous appearance. The second way is to install the software, it will return to its previous appearance, but you will need to save this program on your computer as long as you need the classic appearance of the Startup.

Start Menu on Windows 10

The Start button on Windows 10 is located in the same place as in previous versions of the OS. So you don't have to fight with her moving. But the appearance of the Start menu on Windows 10 differs from the appearance of the Start menu on Windows 10. Microsoft has made the Start menu as flexible as possible, so it looks different for each user, for example, as follows:

As you can see, on the left side of the menu there are programs that have been recently used. In the right part there are so-called tiles that provide quick access to information or resources. Widgets are also displayed in this menu. Everything is very bright, blinking and distracting. It is this variety of information that is the reason why many people want to switch from the standard Start menu to the classic view.

How to return the classic Start on Windows 10

Everyone has their own understanding of the term "Classic". Surveys have shown that most users consider the classic menu from Windows 7. Therefore, let's look at the example of this menu. The first way is to customize the Start menu in the image and likeness of the previous version. To do this, you need to expand the menu, and right-click on those elements that you do not need, for example, tiles:

Next, you need to select "Detach from the home screen" and this element will disappear. After you unpin all the elements, you will only have the left column. Overall, it will be similar to the classic look of the Start menu. But in the standard settings, the menu area is very wide. Therefore, we drag the menu area with the mouse. You can make a menu of any width, but to make the menu convenient, we recommend making it at least 4 icons wide under it. As a result, you will get the following menu appearance:

This is all you can do without resorting to third-party programs. Agree, it looks like a classic look, but it is not. Of course, this will suit some, but those who have decided to go to the end are waiting for another way – installing additional software. This method does not require the preparatory steps described above. You need to download and install one of the programs, for example:


Classic Shell;

There are other programs to bring back the classic menu on Windows 10. But these two are free and the best. Firstly, they take up only a few MB of space, and secondly, they allow you to restore the appearance in just a couple of clicks. As a result, you will be able to get a similar appearance of the Start menu:

Agree, this is much more like the truth. But that's not all. So you have returned only the Start menu. But you can also use programs to return the Start button, that is, the usual round icon. All this can be done by the same programs. And as a result, you will get the same appearance, familiar since the days of Windows 7. But do not forget that all the decorations of the system affect the performance of Windows 10, as well as the battery life.

How to bring back the standard Windows 10 Start view

If the classic look didn't suit you, then you can always go back to the previous menu view. If you have used programs, then simply disable them or delete them. After that, the standard view of the Start menu will return. After all, if there is no program, then there is no appearance that she made. And if you used the manual method and removed all the extra tiles yourself, then you just need to return the necessary tiles in the same way. Just right-click and select the widgets and blocks that you would like to see in your Start menu on Windows 10.

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