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Overview of Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus

Microsoft Office 2021 is Microsoft's modern, updated office suite. This version supports new technologies, works exclusively in Windows 10. The user buys the package once, downloads it to his device, installs it and actively uses it for as long as necessary. The software consists of a classic set of applications necessary for work, which include Word, Excel.

Excel 2021

Excel icon got bigger

Precision cell selection

Key PivotTable Enhancements: Personalization, Automatic Relationship Detection, Time Grouping, Zoom In and Zoom Out Buttons, Field List Search, Smart Rename, Multi-Screen Slicer, Faster OLAP PivotTables, Creation, Timeline Filtering

New opportunities for data analysis

New chart types, 2D maps

New Formulas, Excel Functions

CSV (UTF-8) support

Improved access to the latest files and folders and book version history

Data Protection (DLP) in Excel

Publish to Power BI

Power Pivot Enhancements

Get & Transform (PowerQuery) improvements

Insert SVGs, icons and convert them to shapes, insert 3D models

Improved handwriting support

Update Features

Quite controversial is Microsoft's decision to end support for Office 2021 updates along with the end of support for the Windows 10 build. According to representatives of the software giant, this decision was made in order to update Windows and Office builds in a timely manner. Software is difficult to protect against threats if it is 10 years old. In addition, such programs are less productive, so there are no plans to support them.

Since the pace of software change has accelerated, Microsoft software must keep pace with the modern rhythm - this is what corporate representatives say about the problem of discontinuing Office updates along with the discontinuation of support for one or another build of Windows 10. The statement is rather controversial, since there have been enough cases of updates or new programs from the corporation Microsoft with gaping security holes, blue screens of death, freezes or crashes - it didn't have to wait a few years, you just had to update the software version.

PowerPoint 2021

Large powerpoint icon

Morph transition

Zoom effect to jump to specific slides, sections and parts of your presentations

Scalable ink enhancement: Record digital colorful gestures, pens, markers and pencils, effects, layer eraser, ruler to draw straight lines at any angle, slideshow control with gestures.

Insert and manage icons, SVG and 3D models, convert SVG icons to shapes

Improved free-form drawing and marking

Export 4K video

Word, Excel and PowerPoint are the flagships of any version of Microsoft Office, so they are the ones that have been affected by the most significant changes. First of all, we will talk about general improvements to the product line, after which we will touch on the features of individual programs.


In the latest edition of the office suite, collaboration on documents is finally implemented normally. According to the company, the function is relevant for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. But there is a significant difference.

If in “Cells” and “Convincing Report” in order to see the work of your colleagues, you have to save all the time, then in the text editor, corrections are displayed without unnecessary movements in real time.

The latter is really convenient, cool and ... familiar to Google Docs users. :) Be that as it may, now the company from Redmond is not ashamed to look its competitors in the eye.

Along the way, Microsoft had to tweak a few things:

New share menu. It can be called through the button of the same name, located in the upper right corner of the program window. Invite colleagues using your contact book or email, allow changes, set automatic display of changes, and generate sharing links in a minimum of time. The menu seemed very logical and practical to me.

Access from all platforms. Microsoft has tried to cover the most popular desktop environments. Windows PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone are supported. However, the much-desired Track and Review Changes feature in the mobile apps is only available to Office 365 subscribers.

OneDrive integration. Of course, to work together you need to connect the cloud. Of course, this is Microsoft's own solution. Let me remind you that very soon the capacity of the remote storage will decrease significantly, although five free gigabytes will be more than enough for electronic papers.

Co-authorship in Word works great. Tested on Windows PC desktop program and Word Online browser version. Yes, yes, it is not at all necessary to install the office suite on your computer for each of the team members. Real-time edits also work great through a completely free text editor web interface.

Changes made

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