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Office cannot set error code 0-1011, 30088-1015, 30183-1011 or 0-1005

Installing the Microsoft Office 2021 client on the desktop is a simplified process. We just need to run the installation, and it installs on its own, without any intervention on our part. But sometimes Office can't install errors. Some of these errors are with the following codes:

  • 0-1011
  • 30088-1015
  • 30183-1011
  • 0-1005

Office cannot set error code 0-1011, 30088-1015, 30183-1011 or 0-1005

Besides installing Office, we might also get these errors when installing Office-related by-products or updating Office. For example. I got this error while trying to install a language pack on my system. Although Office was installed and working fine, this error was with an additional application.

If you got this error while installing Microsoft Office, here are a few things you can try:

1 Free hard disk space

Check the size of the Microsoft Office version you want to install and compare it with the volume available on the system. If you are running out of hard disk space, you may want to consider freeing up hard disk space.

2 Temporarily disable the antivirus and firewall

It is known that antivirus software products interfere with the installation of Office. They can be temporarily disabled to install Office, and then enabled once this is done. Like antivirus software, a firewall can also interfere with Office installation. This way, you can temporarily disable the firewall while installing Microsoft Office on your system. This can be reinstalled later. You can check out this guide on disabling firewall in Windows.

3 Change the internet connection mode

Sometimes the problem may be due to an internet connection. You can try to connect the system via the Internet or switch to another router, network or WiFi.

4 Change the proxy browser settings

To isolate the problem with the proxy setting in the browser, you can temporarily disable the proxy setting.

5 Uninstall and reinstall Office

Sometimes when you delete a version of Office, some components of the previous version remain in the system. It would be better to use Microsoft's Troubleshooting/Uninstall tool to remove all existing components of the Microsoft Office suite installed earlier and reinstall a newer version after that.

Office components will not be installed

Another situation occurs when you get this error when installing Office-related components. For example. Language pack. In this case, try the following solutions one by one:

1 Check the version and type

Make sure that the version of the component must match the version of Office installed on your system. For example. If the Office version is 2013/32 bit, the language pack version should be exactly the same.

2 Check if the component is installed.

Let's say you had English as part of the Office suite when it was installed. If you try to install the language pack for English again, it will interfere.

When the problem occurs when installing a component for Office, the error code is likely to be 30183-1011. We could use this to check the cause.

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