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Search in Windows 7 by content

In order to find any object on your computer, just enter the name of the file or folder you need in the Start menu. The computer will search for all files containing the given name in whole or in part. But this is not always enough to find all the necessary information on your computer. There are times when you need to find a document(s) with certain words in the text, for example: “free computer courses”, but by default in Windows 7 this feature is disabled.

Configuring File Search in Windows 7

To do this, open the “Computer”, on the left click on the “Organize” button and select “Folder and search options”.

A window will open, then click on the “Search” tab at the top and select “Always search by file names and contents”. For the changes to take effect, click the OK button.

After such a small adjustment, the search will work on file names, as well as on its contents.

Searching for files in Windows 7 in practice [verification]

Let's check if everything works correctly. To do this, open the "Computer", enter in the search field the word that you need to find in the files. For example, I chose the word "quality". When you enter a word or phrase, the search will start automatically (no need to press anything).

After the search completes the task on the given word, files will appear below where the word “quality” occurs. You should also be aware that after finding the information you need, you need to change the default settings (which were). This is due to the fact that the search will take much longer, since it searches not only for the file name, but also for its contents.

For a quick search in Windows 7 by content, it's best to go to the folder where your file may be located and start searching from there.

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