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Windows installation problem: "The selected disk contains an MBR partition table"

This unpleasant problem, in most cases, occurs when installing Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 operating systems.

The reason for this problem is that your computer is running in UEFI mode. This mode supports GPT partition table, whereas the previous system installed on your device operated in BIOS (Legacy) mode and used MBR partition table.

UEFI mode is available on all modern motherboards, but sometimes it is not possible to switch back to BIOS (Legacy) mode.

How can I solve this problem?

There are three approaches to solving this situation.

Changing the mode in the BIOS: The first method involves changing the mode in the BIOS from UEFI to Legacy. However, it is worth noting that it is not always possible to make such a switch.
  • Go to BIOS (UEFI).
  • Disable Secure Boot.
  • Change the mode from UEFI to Legacy.
  • Save the changes and restart your computer.
Now the message "Installation on this disk is not possible. The selected disk contains an MBR partition table" will disappear.
Reformatting the disk in Windows Setup: The second method involves reformatting the hard disk during Windows installation (removing all partitions, and converting from MBR to GPT will be performed automatically), or converting from MBR to GPT using, for example, the Command Line. However, it is worth remembering that all information on the disk partitions will be lost, and the partitions will have to be created anew.
Converting a disk from MBR to GPT without losing data: The third method requires specialized software and allows you to convert a disk from MBR to GPT without deleting existing data.

The method you choose depends on your specific needs and the capabilities of your computer.

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