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Download Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server 2012 Standard:

SQL Server 2012 was released in 2012 and includes many new features and improvements over previous versions.

It introduces new capabilities for application development, database management, and data security.

Download SQL Server 2012 Standard x64 RU

SQL Server 2016 Standard:

SQL Server 2016 includes new data science capabilities, as well as support for advanced analytics and integration with cloud services.

Download SQL Server 2016 Standard x64 RU

SQL Server 2017 Standard:

SQL Server 2017 provides support for Linux and advanced data analytics and processing capabilities.

Added support for containers for more flexible deployment.

Download SQL Server 2017 Standard x64 RU

SQL Server 2019 Standard:

SQL Server 2019 includes improvements in performance, security, and scalability.

Support for Big Data with Apache Spark and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) was introduced, as well as support for Docker containers.

Download SQL Server 2019 Standard x64 RU

To download SQL Server, you can visit the official Microsoft website or use direct links to our file server.

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