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Comparison and selection of Windows 10 version

  • Home (Home) — for home use;
  • Pro (Professional) — for small businesses;
  • Enterprise (Corporate) — for medium and large businesses;
  • Education (for educational institutions) is the same version of Enterprise, only intended for use in educational institutions for educational purposes.

For those who are thinking about switching to a new OS and are faced with a choice, I offer a list of differences between these versions.

Editorial Office
Windows 10 HomeWindows 10 ProWindows 10 EnterpriseWindows 10 Education
Basic components:
Customizable Start menu++++
Windows Defender and Windows Firewall++++
Quick launch using Hyberboot and InstantGo++++
TPM Support++++
Saving battery power++++
Windows Update Center++++
Business components:
Device encryption++++
Joining a domain +++
Group Policy Management +++

Restricted Access mode (Assigned Access) +++
Remote Desktop +++
Hyper-V +++
Windows To Go Creator  ++
AppLocker  ++
BranchCache  ++
Managing the home screen using Group Policy  ++
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