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Installing Office 365. Instructions for account activation

Before installing, it is advisable to remove all previous versions of Office on your computer through the installation and removal of programs. 

1. Go to the website and click the "Login" button.

 2. Enter the received login.

 3. Enter the received password.

 4. Change the password during the first authorization. Be sure to write it down, recovery will be impossible. 

 5. Then click "Install Office".

 6. The installation file will be downloaded to the computer. 

After completion, run the downloaded file OfficeSetup.exe and expect a full installation of the office suite. The installation time depends on your internet speed and computer power. As a rule, a complete installation takes from 5 to 30 minutes.

 7. Log in by opening any program from the package, entering your data.

 8. Check activation by opening "File", "Account".

That's it! You can use the office.

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