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Windows 11 Versions: Home, Professional and Differences

In the insider version, we can already install the Home or Pro versions, but there were other versions in the leaked build.

We already find more than a dozen different versions of Windows 11 . They were all 64-bit, but they had differences depending on whether it was a version for home, for schools or for companies. Thus, the versions that appeared were as follows:

For more than a decade, Windows has been included in version N. The reason for the inclusion of version N is that the European Union has ordered Microsoft to pay a fine of 497 million euros for including Windows Media Player in the operating system, which could harm competition.

For this reason , multimedia elements are no longer included in the N version . As codec support has improved, Microsoft has removed more of the necessary elements in version N. For example, VP9, WEBM, HEIF, Skype, Movies and TV, Groove Music, Xbox Game Bar and Recorder are not installed. Applications such as webcam, Windows Hello or alarm clocks stop working. Fortunately, there is a package that can be installed additionally to restore all these elements.

In addition to the versions that appeared in the leaked build, we will also have an Enterprise version, for Mixed Reality, S-mode is also expected, compatible only with UWP applications. To use mixed reality with Windows 10, you had to install the Mixed Reality Portal application, and we had the opportunity to activate one or another mode at our discretion. Therefore, we do not know exactly what this version will offer, but it can be ready from the very beginning for compatibility with mixed reality without additional installations.

What are the differences between Windows 11 Home and Professional?

One of the changes we already know is that to install the Home version, you need to have a Microsoft account, which is not required for Pro. There will also be differences in the software they include for the Pro version.

To find out the rest, we will have to wait until Microsoft itself officially describes all the changes.

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