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What is Windows 10 Pro for Workstations?

What is Windows 10 Pro for Workstations?

1. Win10 edition for powerful computers

Pro for Workstations is a sub-edition of the Pro (Professional) "Tens" edition, sharpened for squeezing the maximum performance of computers with powerful hardware. This applies in particular to servers and professional computer assemblies.

This maximum performance is provided by support for some hardware and additional functionality not found in other editions of Win10. An activation key for such a specific edition in the store $15.

Pro for Workstations is only available for 64-bit systems. To use it, you need to download a distribution kit with the implemented April Creators Update on the Microsoft website. And install in the same way as the usual "Ten", only with the choice at a certain stage of the editorial with the name "Pro for workstations".

But what's so special about this edition that it costs a third more than the regular Pro?

2. Hardware support

Pro for Workstations can run up to 4 processors and up to 6TB of RAM. For comparison: a regular Win10 Pro can use up to 2 processors and up to 2 TB of RAM. Among the devices supported by the edition is NVDIMM, a modern non-volatile RAM that can save data during a sudden power outage.

And what are the features of Pro for Workstations?

3. Preinstalled UWP Apps

In appearance, Pro for Workstations is a regular Win10, which is traditionally installed with promoted content from the Microsoft Store. But among UWP applications, we will not find games and entertainment, all content preinstalled from the store is useful. According to Microsoft, of course.

Pre-installed UWP apps include:

• Code Writer - program code editor;

• Organizer Eclipse Manager;

• An application for diagnosing network speed;

• Risovalka Fresh Paint;

• Duolingo - a client of a platform for teaching foreign languages;

• And others.

4.SMB Direct

Pro for Workstations includes the SMB Direct system component, a legacy of server Windows. This is a technology to increase network performance without the load on the processor. It is used in the conditions of using special network devices with RDMA function.


Pro for Workstations is currently the only edition in the Windows desktop line to support ReFS, a fault-tolerant file system. At one time, ReFS was implemented in regular editions of Win10 Pro, and it was possible to format non-system drives into it. But later this feature disappeared from the usual Win10 Pro. And it became one of the main features of Pro for Workstations. ReFS is based on NTFS and is its evolutionary continuation.

ReFS provides:

• file size limit - 18.3 EB;

• limit size of disk partition - 402 EB;

• the maximum number of characters in the name and path of the file - 32767 pcs.

Whereas for NTFS these values ​​are 16 TB, 18.4 EB and 255 pcs. respectively.

But the biggest advantages of ReFS are its greater reliability in terms of data safety and better performance.

6. New power supply scheme

The Pro for Workstations innovation, which appeared recently, in the April 2018 Update preparation project, is a new power supply scheme, sharpened, again, for maximum computer performance. When opening system power plans

in this edition we will find not the usual three schemes, but four - with the new "Maximum Performance".

Maximum performance

The new scheme is only available for stationary devices. Its effect is achieved through direct access to the computer hardware and, as a result, reducing micro-delays.

7. How to purchase a key and activate

You can purchase a key for the Windows 10 Pro for Workstation edition in our store.

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