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Project Professional 2016

Developer: Microsoft
Product code: OS-ZQ1Y
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Bit depth
32, 64
Key validity period
Linking to a Microsoft account
Russian, English
Regional linking
The key can be used from anywhere in the world
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Microsoft Office Project Professional 2016 software is a Microsoft Office family solution designed to be used in conjunction with Microsoft Office Project Server for enterprise–wide project management. Microsoft Office Project Professional provides the ability to monitor project plans, exchange information about their status, and provide project information quickly and efficiently. When using the Microsoft Office Project Professional product in conjunction with the Project Server, corporate project and portfolio management tools such as real-time reporting and scenario analysis tools are supported. These tools allow project managers and those responsible for making business decisions to view information on projects and resources across the department or the organization as a whole.

New features of Project Professional 2016:

More flexible timelines

In Project 2016, you can not only use several timelines to illustrate different stages or types of work, but also set the start and end dates for each of them separately, thereby forming a clearer overall picture of the workflow.

An assistant that speeds up the execution of various tasks

On the ribbon in Project 2016 there is a text field "What do you want to do?". You can enter words and phrases describing the user's intentions into it to quickly navigate to the appropriate functions or operations. In addition, you can use this field to get help on the topic of interest.

New Project Themes

In Project 2016, you can now use three Office themes: color, dark gray and white. To find them, select File > Options > General, and then open the "Office Theme" drop-down menu.

Improved control over resource planning

Some resources have limited availability, and the resource manager makes a schedule for their use. With the help of Project Professional 2016 and Project Online, project and resource managers can enter into a special agreement on the use of resources to help ensure their proper and effective use throughout the organization.

When the Resource manager creates a pool of corporate resources in Project Online, it can specify that some of them can be assigned to projects only after confirmation. When the project manager decides to use one of these resources, he submits a request for activation for a certain date range, specifying the percentage of time or the number of hours of use of this resource during the corresponding time interval.

Microsoft Project Professional 2016

  • Delivery: delivery of an electronic activation key in the format of 25 characters
  • License type: Retail
  • Number of pcs: 1
  • Interface language: Russian, English
  • System Bit Depth: x64, x86
  • Download distributions: After purchase, the download link is sent with the activation key to the email
  • Regional binding: The key can be used from anywhere in the world.

Payment Methods:


Bit depth 32, 64
Key validity period Lifetime
Linking to a Microsoft account No
Language Russian, English
Regional linking The key can be used from anywhere in the world
Number of PCs 1

After you have paid for the order, the key and the link to download the original distribution will be available in your PERSONAL OFFICE and sent to your email.

In rare cases, the delivery time of the order may increase up to several hours. All keys are duplicated to the e-mail specified during the ordering process. If the key is not in the main mailbox folder, check the "SPAM" folder.

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Спасибо! Всё замечательно!
Не ожидал такого отличного сервиса! Приобрел ПО для управления проектами, и все прошло гладко. Доставка электронной версии заняла всего несколько минут, активация прошла без проблем. Единственное, в инструкции не хватает некоторых деталей, пришлось поискать информацию в интернете. В целом, очень доволен покупкой.

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