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Windows Server 2012 Standard

Developer: Microsoft
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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard is the leading server operating system on which the work of the largest data centers in organizations around the world is based. The 2012 version of the Microsoft Windows Server Server operating system offers many innovations and improvements that allow you to transform the IT infrastructure of virtualization and cloud computing to reduce IT costs and increase business profitability. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 OS offers new opportunities in the field of network technologies, virtualization based on the built-in Hyper-V mechanism, usability and data storage systems to create a scalable, efficient and simple server platform.

The Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard edition now provides a complete set of Windows Server 2012 technologies without exceptions and differs from the Datacenter edition only by limiting the number of simultaneously running virtual machines. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard provides the right to run up to two virtual instances. The Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard edition is suitable for enterprise environments with low density or in the absence of virtualization.

Key features of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard:

Server virtualization. The built-in Hyper-V technology provides server virtualization, optimization of investments in server equipment and consolidation of several server roles into separate virtual machines. Windows Server 2012 increases the scalability of the platform and provides additional features and built-in mechanisms that guarantee maximum reliability.
Network technologies. The 2012 version has tools that allow you to automate and consolidate network processes and resources, simplify interaction with public cloud services and provide users with equally convenient access to IT resources, organization services and public cloud environments.
Remote access. Windows Server 2012 provides three remote access options outside the office. The virtual desktop infrastructure supports three flexible deployment options: desktop pools, personal desktops, and remote desktops with session access. The DirectAccess service allows remote users to gain secure access to internal resources without connecting to a VPN. The BranchCache service caches data accessed by branch users.
Identification and access control. Thanks to the new dynamic access control feature, Windows Server 2012 has radically changed the approach to identity and access management, and the Active Directory service has been significantly improved.
Storage and high availability. Windows Server 2012 OS is focused on the most efficient data storage: device stacks are created, advanced functions for storing and providing information are used. Data is grouped into clusters and transmitted over the network, optimized algorithms for data access and management are used.
Server management. Version 2012 provides management tools for multiple servers and their connecting devices - physical or virtual, local or remote. New functions of multi-server management, reliable automation, strict compliance with industry standards for management technologies have been implemented.
Web platform and application platform. The system provides unprecedented flexibility in terms of hosting web applications locally and in the cloud. Version 2012 provides enterprises and hosting providers with an advanced server platform that provides flexibility, scalability and compatibility when creating and managing private clouds, as well as when running mission-critical applications.

Windows Server 2012 Standard

  • Delivery: delivery of an electronic activation key in the format of 25 characters
  • Number of pcs: 1
  • Interface language: Russian, English
  • System Bit Depth: x64
  • Download distributions: After purchase, the download link is sent with the activation key to the email
  • Regional binding: The key can be used from anywhere in the world.

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Bit depth 64
Key validity period Lifetime
Linking to a Microsoft account Yes
Language Russian, English
Regional linking The key can be used from anywhere in the world
Number of PCs 1

After you have paid for the order, the key and the link to download the original distribution will be available in your PERSONAL OFFICE and sent to your email.

In rare cases, the delivery time of the order may increase up to several hours. All keys are duplicated to the e-mail specified during the ordering process. If the key is not in the main mailbox folder, check the "SPAM" folder.

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