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Error 0x80072f8f

Error 0x80072f8f can occur when activating Windows 10 and Windows 7, and this error can also occur when activating Microsoft Office. In addition, such an error can also occur when trying to install updates on Windows 7 and Windows 10. Let's consider in this article why this error can occur and how to fix it.

Error on Windows 7:

Error on Windows 10:

Error in Microsoft Office:

There are several solutions, we will consider each separately.

1. Wrong system time.

A broken time zone, or an incorrectly set system time, can cause errors when activating Windows and Microsoft Office. The solution to the problem is to set the correct time and time zone manually, or use automatic time synchronization, for example, using

2. Disabling proxy and VPN services.

This error may be related to proxy servers and VPN services running on your PC, because the same error as in the first case can play here, your IP does not match the configured time zone on your PC.

3. Alternative activation.

Try to activate your key in the system via the command line. You can find out how to do this in our previous article. This guide works on both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

4. Registry fix. (Applicable for Windows 7)

The error may be due to the settings in the registry, for example, if you have used pirated activation bypass systems before, or tried to activate with another key that did not work for some reason.

Open the registry with hotkeys Win + R => Enter in the regedit field => Go to the HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Setup/OOBE branch => Go to the MediaBootInstall parameter and set the value to 0. After saving the procedure, restart the PC.

5. Activation by phone.

Instructions on how to activate Windows 7 by phone

Instructions on how to activate Windows 10 by phone

Or you can use the activation by phone in text mode without a call, instructions:

- In the window with an error, we go to other activation methods

- Next, go to automatic activation by phone

- Select your country in the drop-down menu, for example "Russia" and click next.

- Now we have moved to the phone activation window. Pay attention to "Step 2", six-digit numbers in each block from 1 to 9, they will need to be entered into text activation by phone. Attention: you will have your numbers in step 2 and you need to enter exactly what is on your activation window by phone, in the screenshot below - this is an example.

- Go to the text activation page using the following link. And choose "6 Digits"

- Now you will see a window with input fields, enter there your numbers from "step 2" activation by phone. After all the numbers are entered, click "Submit"

- Next, in the next window you will get response numbers that you will need to enter in "Step 3" in the text fields from A to H. Enter your numbers exactly, from the text activation site, in the screenshot below - this is an example.

After entering all the numbers in the fields from A to H, in the activation window by phone, click "Next" and activate your system.

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