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0xc000007b error when starting the application

You may receive an error message "Application Startup error" with an error code ( 0xc000007b). This error message appears when trying to open an application in Windows. This usually happens after an upgrade from an earlier version of Windows and something is wrong with certain files or programs.

You can try the methods below and see if they can help you get rid of this error.

1) Restart your computer

Restart your computer, as some applications require a reboot after the program works correctly. A simple reboot of your computer can fix error 0xc000007b.

2) Run the program as an administrator

When you encounter error 0xc000007b, you can try to run the application as an administrator.

Right-click on the application you want to launch. Then select Properties.

Go to the Compatibility tab. Check the box "Run this program as administrator". Then click OK.

Try running the application and see if this method helped fix error 0xc000007b

3) Reinstall the app

Sometimes the application you want to run may contain something corrupted. In this case, you should completely uninstall the application and then reinstall it. After that, run the program and see if your problem is resolved.

4) Reinstall Microsoft.NET Framework

In fact, in many cases, the error "The application could not start correctly" occurs due to problems in Microsoft.NET Framework . (The .NET Framework is a platform developed by Microsoft that supports applications using .net technologies.) You may have to reinstall it to solve this problem.

* The .NET Framework was an integral part of Windows 8 and 10 . You cannot delete or reinstall it manually. Therefore , the steps below can only apply to Windows 7 or earlier versions . For Windows 10/8 users, you can try updating Windows to install the latest platform.NET (if available).

Press the Win+R keys. Enter "control" and click OK .control

In the control panel, switch the viewing mode to "Small Icons", and select Programs and Components.

Find "Microsoft .NET" in the list of installed programs. Right-click with the right mouse button and select "Delete".

Go to the Microsoft download website.NET Framework to download and install the environment.

5) Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++

The Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package is a runtime component required to run multiple applications. Files in a Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package are usually corrupted for many reasons. And it may cause error 0xc000007b. In this case, you need to reinstall these components.

 Open "Programs and Components" (as shown in steps 1 and 2 in the method above).

Delete all elements named "Microsoft Visual C++ 2 *** Redistributable".

Visit Microsoft to download and install Visual C++ redistributable packages.

6) Update Windows

Updating the operating system can fix errors that cause problems. In addition, some functions and programs built into Windows, such as DirectX and .NET Framework can also be updated during the process. It is recommended to update the operating system and see if it helps to fix error 0xc000007b.

7) Run a disk check

The error can also occur due to hardware problems, especially from your hard drive. You should run a disk check using the command line and see if there are problems on your disk.

Click on the Start menu and type "cmd". Right-click on the "command prompt" in the search result and select "Run as administrator".

Enter "chkdsk c: /f/r". (This means that you are going to check and repair the C drive. If you want to check another disk, replace the "C" with the corresponding letter of this disk.) Follow the instructions to complete the process.

After that, check and make sure that the problem is solved.

8) Check the integrity of the system files

Check the integrity of the system files. To do this, open a command prompt with administrator rights and run the command:

sfc /scannow

With this command, Windows scans system files and fixes some errors.

If you receive the error message "Windows Resource Protection" has detected corrupted files, run the following commands:

dism /online /cleanup-image /checkhealth

dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

9) Update NVIDIA graphics card drivers

The first action we recommend before performing any others is to update the drivers for your graphics card, especially if it is NVIDIA. Go to the official website of the manufacturer of your computer or laptop or just on the website and find the right driver for your graphics card.

Download them, install them, and restart your computer. It is very likely that after this the error will disappear.

What does the error when launching the application 0xc000007b mean?

Windows is user-friendly and easy to access and has become the most widely used operating system, and it is used by users all over the world as a computer system. Nowadays, many users have upgraded their computer to Windows 10, which is more than just a PC operating system; it also works on Windows phones — and on small tablets. One of the common problems in all operating systems is that it is not perfect and errors occur for some reason. For example, many users have to deal with error 0xc000007b when accessing software, for example, in Fifa games, Far Cry, Call of Duty, iOS and many other games and applications that are widely used by people; error message "The application could not start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the app."

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