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Error 0xc000007b on startup

When starting the game, it gives an error 0xc000007b on Windows 7, 8, 10 computers? As many as 9 ways to fix the error.

Error 0xc000007b when starting the game

What is error 0xc000007b

For the convenience of determining the essence and cause of errors, programmers assigned each error its unique code, i.e. An error code is a certain combination of numbers and letters.

Error code 0xc000007b indicates that your operating system is having problems with system files. By the way, among the ways to fix the error, there is one where we simply replace the system files that failed with the correct ones.

Why error 0xc000007b occurs

Error 0xc000007b occurs during application initialization, i.e. during preparation for launch. It is clear that a mistake at such an early stage of launching a game or any other application will lead to the inability of such an application to work, to a quick shutdown.

The reasons:

Unofficial version of the application. Poor app crack.

System files have been corrupted by a virus.

An improper shutdown of the computer has occurred.

An error occurred while updating the operating system.

Incorrectly uninstalled some programs on the computer.

What it can lead to:

There were problems with the video card driver (more often this happens with Nvidia video cards).

DirectX, .NET Framework or Visual C++ crashed.

Registry errors have occurred.

How to fix game error 0xc000007b

Method 1: Enable full administrator rights

Sign in to Windows as an administrator.

Launch the "Control Panel", where you select "System and Security", then click on "Administrative Tools". A new window will open.

In a new window, open "Local Security Policy" and select "Security Options".

Right click: "Accounts: Account Status Administrators".

Now select "Enabled" and click OK.

Close the Local Security Policy settings window.

Go to Control Panel →User Accounts. As you can see, the Administrator account has appeared on the computer. You can now run the game from under it. But this is not very convenient. It is better to make the current record an administrator.

Select your account and give it administrator rights.

Now, having full administrator rights, you can try to start the applications again. The error should disappear. If not, try the second method.

Enable full administrator rights #1 Enable full administrator rights #2 Enable full administrator rights #3


The names of the partitions may differ in different versions of Windows.

Method 2. Download the game from the official source

Often this error occurs when installing a program with a virus or a low-quality crack. If the error 0xc000007b appears when you start only one game, then most likely the problem is not in the system, but in the installed game. Download another release. Better from the official site. If the game is paid, it is better to buy it. If all games give such an error, then this method is inefficient. It's about the system itself.

Method 3: Perform a system restore

Another possible action is to perform a system restore and roll back the state of your computer to the moment when the error was absent. If this error began to appear after updating Windows or drivers, then through the Windows control panel you need to open the "System Restore" tab, check the box "Show other restore points" and start system restore, returning the computer to the state when this error was absent.

System Restore

Action algorithm:

Search → msconfig → service → System Restore → Startup.

Method 4: Check your computer for viruses

Method 5: Update your graphics card drivers

Try updating your video card driver. This is especially true for Nvidia owners. Drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. Find the latest video driver that supports your video card, download and install it, restart your computer. It is possible that the error will disappear.

Method 6: Fix Registry Errors

If no viruses are found on the computer, video card drivers, DirectX, .Net Framework and Microsoft Visual C ++ are reinstalled, but the error has not disappeared, it's time to clean the registry of errors. You can use CCleaner for this. For our purposes, the free version of this utility is also suitable.

Method 7: Reinstall DirectX, Microsoft.Net Framework, Microsoft Visual C++

If reinstalling your video drivers didn't help, try reinstalling DirectX from the Microsoft website - this may also resolve the 0xc000007b error.

Another possible cause of this error could be corrupted Microsoft Visual C++ or Microsoft.Net Framework files. Reinstalling these applications may fix this issue. Usually these libraries are bundled with the game's installation files as additional software. They can also be downloaded from the official Microsoft website.

Method 8: Copy and replace system files

Perhaps after a crash or viruses some

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