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Error 80072efe or 80072f76 - fix options

Causes of error 80072efe windows update or 80072f76:

Slow Internet, because of this, the Update Center cannot download the necessary updates and gives errors.

A large load on the Microsoft servers with updates, they do not respond to the request and an error occurs.

Programs on the PC that interfere with the operation of the system and lead to errors in the Update Center.

Solutions apply to errors:

  • 0x80072efe
  • 0x80072f76
  • Windows Update_80072f76
  • Windows Update_80072efe

Solving the problem with error 80072efe windows update or 80072f76:

Check the availability of the Internet and its operability, and try to repeat the installation of updates later, if the problem was in the absence of communication with the update servers, then the error will be resolved by itself, no additional action is required from you.

If, in addition to problems with updating, you have problems with other programs, then check the list of installed applications, and remove those that you do not use, if you remember the date after which the problems started, then you can quite accurately determine the harmful application.

Download the Windows Update Troubleshooter. run it, click "next" and wait for the bug fix report, try to install the updates.

After completing all the steps, errors 80072efe or 80072f76 will be resolved.

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