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Solution to the problem: Unfortunately, we can’t set up your account, come back later to activate the product key

Picture this: You're excited to activate your Microsoft 365 key so you can take advantage of what it can do, but instead you're greeted with an unpleasant error message: “We're sorry, we couldn't set up your account. Please come back later to activate your product key." Sounds familiar? Don't worry, we are here to help you overcome this barrier.

Why does this error occur? It usually appears when you already have an activated Microsoft 365 subscription or auto-renewal is turned on. To solve this problem, you need to understand a little about the settings and take a few steps.

First, it is recommended to check your active subscriptions on the Microsoft website. Go to and find the “Services and Subscriptions” section. Here you can manage your current subscriptions, cancel an active subscription, or turn off auto-renewal.

It is also necessary to unlink all cards and payment methods associated with the subscription, as well as cancel subscription management through third-party services that can automatically debit funds.

Once all these steps are completed, your account will be ready to activate your new Microsoft 365 subscription. Be sure to follow the detailed activation instructions to complete the process successfully.

How to avoid similar problems in the future? When renewing your subscription, we recommend that you manage your subscription directly through and avoid using third-party auto-renewal services. This will help avoid possible conflicts and ensure stable activation and renewal of your subscription.

Let us remind you that each situation is unique, and if our advice did not help you solve the problem, it is better to contact Microsoft support for individual assistance and advice.

Unfortunately, this error most often occurs among users from Russia, especially among those who are forced to change their subscription region.

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