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How to remove Office license files on a Mac

If you have purchased an official license for Microsoft Office for Mac, but you are facing a problem where the installed application does not recognize or displays the wrong license, then there is a solution. Our utility will help you detect and remove obsolete and non-working Office licenses on your Mac. After that, you will be able to correctly apply the required Microsoft Office license and use it to the fullest.

1. Download the license removal tool.

2. Open the .pkg file from your Mac's Downloads folder.

*Note.  If you receive the "Unknown Developer" error message, try opening the file by holding down the Control key and clicking the file > Open.

3. Select "Continue" and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

*Warning.  We recommend that you make sure again that you have the correct account details by logging in and by checking the license you want to activate.

4. When you are ready to complete the license removal, select "Install". You may need to enter the password of your Mac's local administrator account.

After the tool successfully deletes the licenses, select "Close".

5. Now open any Office application and log in to activate the email account associated with your Mac license. If you are fixing the problem, you may need to reinstall Office before logging in.

After successful activation, restart your computer and you're done!

6. Remove the license removal tool by dragging the Microsoft_Office_License_Removal file from Finder > Downloads to cart .

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