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Windows Server 2019 RDS User CAL

Developer: Microsoft
Product code: OS-LH6C
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Key validity period
Number of users
Client access
Per user

Windows Server 2019 User CAL (per user) is purchased for users connecting to the server. Allows any number of devices to access server software using a user license. Examples of devices are PCs, laptop computers, home PCs, pocket PCs, and mobile phones (but not printers, scanners, and other network devices). This type is the most profitable and convenient in administration for those organizations where users can work from different devices, for example, they work on a desktop computer, or they can also come with a laptop, connect from their mobile device, or work from home and on the go.

CAL is a license that gives the user the right to access the server services. If you need remote access to the Windows Server Remote Desktop, you additionally need to purchase licenses for the remote desktop (for the terminal server).

Microsoft Windows Server is the leading server operating system on which the work of the largest data centers in organizations around the world is based.

The ability to use up to 50 simultaneous client connections to your server.

Windows Server 2019 RDS 50 User CAL

  • Regional binding: The key can be used from anywhere in the world
  • Receipt of the goods: Within 3 hours after payment

Payment Methods:


Key validity period Lifetime
Number of users 50
Client access Per user

After you have paid for the order, the key and the link to download the original distribution will be available in your PERSONAL OFFICE and sent to your email.

In rare cases, the delivery time of the order may increase up to several hours. All keys are duplicated to the e-mail specified during the ordering process. If the key is not in the main mailbox folder, check the "SPAM" folder.

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ключ получил не сразу но это не проблема для меня предоставили инструкцию с ключом и все получилось
беру 3ий ключ, ставлю 5 )
ключ получен и активирован по инструкции +++

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